Being responsive avoids conflict

One of Derby’s newest estate agents achieved 99.78% of the asking price, on average, for properties it sold in 2017.

Andrew Sanderson, director at AKS Residential, said: “This is a huge feat. On average across the country estate agents normally achieve 96-97% of asking price, meaning our sellers are thousands better off.

“From the start we have always focused on service and building relationships with clients rather than short term gain which is why so many customers recommend us.”

Due to the company’s growth, AKS Residential has launched a 24-7 manned telephone service which supports its team when they are busy with other callers and out of normal business hours.

Operated by Oberoi Business Hub, the call answering service ensures all enquires are dealt with in a swift manner.

Oberoi supports a number of businesses across numerous sectors, including estate agents. Kavita Oberoi OBE, who launched the hub in 2012, said her team knows how to manage and handle calls.

She said: “Andrew knows too only well a business can never afford to miss a call.

“Speed of response is absolutely business critical – people don’t like not being able to talk to someone on the phone or leaving answerphone messages.

“Furthermore, for urgent queries, we can transfer calls live to Andrew and his team. We run the service as if we are completely part of the business and have access to live diary movements so can leave callers with a clear expectation on when the call will be returned.”

Oberoi said she was pleased AKS Residential chose to partner with Oberoi Business Hub, in St Christopher’s Way, Pride Park.

She said: “Andrew wanted to use a locally based company rather than the large faceless organisations during his growth phase.

“When a company is unable to justify the cost of an additional resource but need it to support business growth, our service works out to be a cost effective alternative to the employment route.

“Our service is particularly invaluable to AKS outside of normal business hours, as that’s when people have a little more time to focus on searching or thinking about selling their house.

“We are now looking at further opportunities to support Andrew’s business from the extensive range of Oberoi Business Hub back office support services that we provide – one these being the use of our excellent meeting rooms at the Hub for his client meetings.”

While the responsiveness of the estate agent has helped increase sales, it is no doubt too that the speed of the response has resulted in good customer satisfaction and avoided disputes and complaints.

Clients prize responsiveness as one of the factors in dealing with estate agents and a quick response especially over traditional means such as the phone means higher customer satisfaction. Oberoi Business Hub has also reflected the idea that people do not want to be typing long emails and wasting time over problems, they merely want to call a number, hopefully speak to someone and get the problem off their chest – whether it may be rental related or on a broader spectrum, a complaint from a tenant.

A word of advice for estate agents. Imagine being stood up on a viewing. Imagine someone has rung you to arrange a viewing and when you show up no one is around and you have wasted your time. This is what the majority of clients report to feel when an estate agent does not deliver or live up to agreements, or not have some effective means of communication.

The success of AKS shows that being available, or a least, being seen to be responsive does put agents in a good light and projects good customer service. When a large part of being an agent is dealing with customers, good service could make the difference between retaining clients, or being locked down in disputes which take up too much time and eventually force you out of business.